AACC: A Newly Launched Smorgasbord for Researchers

  • Zahid Hussain Khan Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Keywords: Launched Smorgasbord


The first issue of the Archives of Anesthesiology and Critical Care (AACC) appears on the website and reaches your hands after hard endeavors and labor of all concerned. It is a matter of immense pleasure that we could launch the first AACC after a long spell of almost eighty years ever since the first university of medicine came into being in the country. It took us some time to select a title for the journal as we intended to include the suggestions and aspirations of all, and again it entailed some time to select the editorial team and including experts in the field from both within the country and across the planet. The ultimate selection of the editorial team imparts a heterogeneous look to the journal which is what we should be proud of and that what we had been aiming at. While making the selection, inclusion had been our goal and not exclusion. Luckily, all accepted our humble invitation to be members of the editorial team and promised to help the newly launched journal through their active participation and critical insight.As the journal is still in its embryonic stage, researchers are most cordially invited to submit their valuable works so that we can tread this path without any hurdles and reach the heights of zenith which is our cherished goal.The intellectual stature of a researcher can be gauged and comprehended from his writings and published works and in this regard, only those researchers are remembered by generations to come whose publications have originality and scientific validity. Publications with such criteria and innovative thoughts have a colossal impact on our understanding of the intricacies of patient care. Redundant and duplicate publications may at times escape the eagles’ eye of the reviewers and find their way into peer reviewed journals but would never be cited or reproduced by future researchers. This is how high standards are maintained and upheld.When you sow a seed, your responsibility as a gardener starts and the ultimate outcome of the sowed seed rests entirely on your shoulders and sustained watch. If the seed planted is well attended, watered and provided enrichments in the form of an adequate sunlight and fertilizers, the seed would turn out to be a flourishing plant and eventually blossom into a vigorous and healthy tree. On the contrary, if the sowed seed is left un-attended at any stage of its growth, it would either wither away in the soil or else would cease to grow into a blossomed tree and vanish away from the site. The same holds absolutely true for a new burgeoning specialty journal. If the core committee, the reviewers, section editors, associate editors and the chief editors impeccably perform their obligations with total devotion, the journal would go up the ladder and reach the highest peak in contemporary literature. However, if the responsibilities assigned to persons are not strictly adhered to or else tackled with non-chalantly, the journal would suffer an irrevocable insult and disappear from memories for all times to come. Reputed journals in all fields of medicine have been able to carve out a stature for themselves because of dedicated and elite personnel toiling day and night. I recall a maxim and I quote,” It is the man behind the gun that matters and not the gun itself”. It reflects that the journal counts and counts only and achieves an esteemed place for itself because of the dedicated team that is behind the scene and relentlessly working towards their targeted goal.A harvest to be reaped needs time and a colossal energy. This holds true for publications and under no circumstances should be circumvented or an iota of plagiarism brought in or permitted [1].Nobody is allowed to perform plagiarism with immunity [2]. A baleful aspect of the tragedy is when a writer copy pastes someone else’s work in his own manuscript which by all means amounts to professional theft [3].We all should serve as dedicated gardeners and gingerly watch the glacial growth of our plantation and take effective remedies if there is slight slackening of growth. With that enthusiasm in mind, we are sure that the JACC would achieve its destined place in the annals of contemporary literature. This stands guaranteed provided your help at every level is available to us as the guardians of this journal.Reviewers throughout the history of contemporary literature have played significant role in critically reviewing manuscripts with the sole and explicit purpose of permitting only those with a green signal for publication and having a tentative message for the readers. Thus reviewers are the backbone of our journal and for that matter help us in publishing scientific papers with the highest standards of vigor and validity, and at the same time enable us in rejecting those articles that are trivial and transfer no new message whatsoever.To help the journal in maintaining an acceptable standard, it is most prudent to select the hard task masters as referees having the necessary expertise to ensure smooth sailing of the titanic [4]. Again it is accepted by all and sundry that a great deal of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the referees [5]. This aspect has to be strictly followed and observed if the journal has to take gigantic leaps forward [6].We cannot understand everything at once and we cannot begin directly from perfection [7], nevertheless, with the relentless efforts of our colleagues, we can carve out a place for our journal in the annals of contemporary literature.As each issue of the journal has to have an editorial and a research article, I would avail of this opportunity in requesting our distinguished members of the editorial board to send us their valuable submissions which would be fast accepted and would not be subjected to the long process of peer review as they would be coming from hard taskmasters and celebrities in the field and our subspecialties.


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