Archives of Anesthesiology and Critical Care 2015. 1(2):42-45.

Comparison of Analgesic Effects of B Vitamins and Diclofenac plus B Vitamins During General Anesthesia and PACU
Abbas Ostad Alipour, Mostafa Sadeghi, Zahid Hussain Khan, Maryam Jamshidi, Jalil Makarem, Amir Abbas Yaghooti


Background: B Vitamins deficiencies in humans and animals have been known for some time to induce pain and inflammation. These symptoms can be readily alleviated by appropriate administration of Vitamins B. The aim of this study was to evaluate opioids requirements and hemodynamic variables and analgesic effect of B Vitamins and B Vitamins-diclofenac in general anesthesia and Post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).

Methods: In this randomized prospective and double-blinded clinical trial study 105 patients undergoing orthopedic surgery were assessed. Patients were then randomized to receive placebo, B vitamin and diclofenac plus B Vitamins. Preinduction and postinduction hemodynamic parameters and opioid requirement were measured.

Results: Sufentanil requirement postoperatively was significantly lower in the DB group (0.12 µg/kg) and B group (0.17 µg/kg) compared with the Placebo group (0.2 µg/kg) (P=0.001). Maximum mean systolic blood pressure related to basal heart rate were increased in DB group   20±6%, B group  30± 17% and P group  35± 9% with significant difference in three groups (P= 0.0001).

Discussion: Analgesic effect of diclofenac plus B Vitamins was better than B Vitamins and required less opioid agents.


B vitamins; diclofenac; general anesthesia; analgesia

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