Unusual Complications of Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Cannulation

  • Sonu Sama
  • Sanjay Agarwal Professor and HOD, Department of Anaesthesiology, AIIMS Rishikesh
  • Vijay Adabala AIIMS,Rishikesh
  • Michael Leonard Anthony Department of pathology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences Rishikesh, Rishikesh, India.
Keywords: Central venous catheter, Ultrasound, Pleural effusion


Central venous catheter (CVC) insertion is a common procedure in operation theaters and intensive care units (ICU). The procedure is performed through anatomical landmark technique, open surgical procedure, and ultrasound-assisted insertion. In the 1990s, ultrasound guidance of CVC insertion has been advocated as a means to reduce mechanical complications and placement failures compared with the landmark technique. Still CVC complications can be related to insertion, indwelling, or extraction. There is a need for continuous monitoring to avoid possible risk factors so as to minimize the morbidity and mortality.


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