Archives of Anesthesiology and Critical Care 2016. 2(1):169-171.

Evaluation Electrical Activity of Diaphragm and Respiratory Drive During Successful Weaning of Traumatic Quadriplegic Patient by Neutrally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist Mode
Atabak Najafi, Mohammad Reza Zeraati, Hamidreza Sharifnia


The case is 43 years old woman referred to emergency department of our hospital with quadriplegia and severe respiratory insufficiency due to C5-C6 injury after falling. She discharged from ICU after fixation of the lesion and successful weaning. We evaluated electrical activity of diaphragm signal (Edi), Respiratory drive (P100) during one month period. We detected increase in level of electrical activity of diaphragm and respiratory drive during weaning of patient.


spinal cord injury; electrical activity of diaphragm; respiratory drive

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