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Effect of Low Dose Lignocaine Injection in the Treatment of Post Stroke Pain: A Case Report


Pain experienced after a stroke is one of the worst experience for a given patient. Post stroke pain can present in various forms of which central post stroke pain (CPSP) is a neuropathic pain involving the area affected during the stroke. Till date there were different classes of medication used to treat CPSP without any promising results. This indirectly indicates so many mechanisms were included in these patients resulting in pain.
We would like report a case of CPSP successfully treated in our institute with low dose lignocaine injection peripherally.
We would like to conclude that the afferent sensory input from the painful area plays a role in maintaining the spontaneous (and the evoked) pain in CPSP which are getting blocked by giving low dose lignocaine injection peripherally.  Further studies will be required to establish this novel treatment.

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