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Intrathecal Pethidine as a Sole Anesthetic Agent in Cesarian Section: Case Report for Clinical Education


Pethidine was the first synthetic opioid to be used to provide analgesia in humans and was shown also to have local anesthetic activity comparable with that of cocaine. The neonatal Apgar score after birth is an important factors of mortality of the newborn. In this regard, the type of drug used for the cesarean section is very important in the Apgar score of the cesarean section. Pethidine is an intermediate lipid-soluble opioid with both a postoperative analgesic mechanism and a sensory block which is known as the only opioid which can be used alone in the cesarean section under spinal anesthesia. We used pethidine as an alternative to bupivacaine in patients going under cesarean section.

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