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Cancellation of Elective Surgeries in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India


Background: Cancellation of elective surgical treatments is a quality-of-care issue as well as a huge waste of health-care resources. Patients may experience emotional distress as a result of this, as well as difficulty for their families.
Aim: To find the significant reasons of cancellation of scheduled surgical cases.
Methods: A total of 300 elective operations in our institution were chosen. The completed surgeries were planned on the scheduled operation day, and the anaesthesiologist noted down a list of cancellations along with their reasons.
Results: A total of 300 patients were scheduled for surgery. A total of 60 patients were cancelled, resulting in a 20% cancellation rate. Lack of operational time was the most prevalent reason for cancellation.
Conclusion: The majority of the reasons for cancellation should have been avoided with proper list preparation and the surgical team's meticulous planning.

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