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Perioperative Management of a Rare Pancreatic Insulinoma Resection: Anaesthetic Challenge!


Insulinoma is a rare, mostly benign and solitary neuroendocrine tumour of the β-cells of islets of langerhans of pancreas.  Clinically it presents with a classical ‘Whipple Triad’ encompassing symptomatic hypoglycemia, fasting hypoglycemia (<50 mg/dl) and immediate relief of symptoms after glucose administration. Definitive treatment is laparoscopic or open surgical excision of the tumour. We report and discuss the distinctive anaesthetic considerations and implications during perioperative period. A comprehensive approach including preoperative optimization of blood glucose levels with various drugs and dietary modifications, scrupulous hemodynamic and blood sugar monitoring with prompt initiation of dextrose infusion during surgical handling of tumour and meticulous management of rebound hyperglycemia with insulin infusion in postoperative period remains the essence for better outcome in these subset of patients.

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