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Comparison of Baska Mask Versus I-Gel in Short Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgeries Under General Anaesthesia in Adult Female: A Randomized Interventional Study


Background: Various newer generations of Supraglottic Airway Devices (SAD) with improved designs and performance are available for use by anaesthesiologist. We conducted the present study to compare 3rd generation SAD Baska Mask with 2nd generation SAD I-gel with the aim of comparing their clinical performance in terms of insertion parameters and oropharyngeal leak pressure in short laparoscopic gynaecological surgeries in adult females.
Methods: 80 adult female patients were randomly allocated to either Baska Mask (n=40) or I-gel (n=40) groups. Insertion characteristics that included number of attempts, mean insertion time and manipulation frequency were recorded and compared. Oropharyngeal leak pressure was measured just after insertion of device and after 5 min of creating pneumoperitoneum in both devices and were compared.
Results: Baska Mask insertion was successfully achieved in first attempt in 38/40 patients in Baska group vs 35/40 patients in I-gel group. Mean oropharyngeal leak pressure (OLP) in Baska Mask versus I-gel just after insertion was (29.24±4.20cm H20 vs 26.33±2.51cm H2O, P=0.003) whereas it was (29.42±2.70 vs 26.18±2.54 cm H2O) after 5 min of creating pneumoperitoneum. Both groups were comparable in terms of removal characteristics and postoperative laryngopharyngeal airway morbidities.
Conclusion: Baska Mask provided more effective ventilation in terms of greater oropharyngeal leak pressure as compared to I-gel. However Baska Mask was more difficult to insert and the incidence of postoperative laryngopharyngeal morbidity was higher in case of Baska Mask.

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Baska Mask I-gel laparoscopy.

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