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Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Failure: Helmet Interface


Background: Non-invasive mechanical ventilation is one of the most used organ support measures in critical care medicine. Hemet interface has been implemented in everyday practice at ICUs later than classic means of delivery for NIV including face mask. We used helmet interface for first time at ICU and recorded CPAP setting and outcome.
Methods: Helmet was used for 9 patients and any complication or side effects were recorded. Also nurses first experience of using the helmet has recorded in a survey.
Results: No skin lesion, vomiting, and air leaking were recorded. Also none of the patients complained about claustrophobia, dyspnea, pain, or feeling hot while the helmet was in use. In addition, nursing was easier while using a helmet than it was with face mask.
Conclusion: The overall first time use of helmet interface in our department gave us a positive feedback, but more data need to be collected for more effective way of applying  NIV and specifically helmet interface.

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