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Anesthesia Management in Patient with Plasminogen Deficiency for Cesarean Section (C/S): A Case Report


Plasminogen (PLG) is a serum protein, a precursor of plasmin, in addition to its functions in the coagulation pathway, it also plays an important role in wound healing. PLG deficiency is a rare condition and has been associated with pseudomembranous (ligneous) lesions on mucous membranes, for example: ligneous gingivitis, endometritis and mostly conjunctivitis in the literature. In our case, the patient was a 30-years-old pregnant woman who was diagnosed with PLG deficiency and was at 39+4 week of pregnancy. We chose the neuraxial anesthesia (NA) to avoid possible airway obstruction due to difficult intubation and mucosal damage of upper airways. So, we administered single shot atraumatic spinal anesthesia (SA) for emergency cesarean section (C/S). Herein, preoperative optimization, a good preliminary assessment and selection of the type of anesthesia are important in terms of preventing complications in these patients.

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